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We're delighted to have you here! Whether you're a veteran in the field or a first-timer to custom cabinetry, this is where every project begins. Here you'll be introduced to our process and provide us details of your prospective project. Please complete the inquiry form with as much detail as you can so that we can determine if we're a good fit for you and be able to move confidently into the next step. Once we review your project parameters, we'll be in touch via email with next steps.


Identify Project Parameters

Complete the Prospective Project Intake Questionnaire & conduct a complimentary virtual consultation to gather inputs from which all downstream activities will be based upon. A preliminary price range will be provided to help you budget for your project.


Develop Detailed Proposal

We do not have catalogue pricing. Instead, we develop detailed designs and proposals that demand a thoughtful approach to considering your specific desires for functionality, usability & aesthetics within your unique environment.


This may require that we visit your home (or that of your customer's) to gather field measurements if you don't yet have architectural drawings and/or floor plans.

This takes time and whole lot of head space, which is why we require a service retainer for larger and/or nuanced projects, or flat fee for those smaller and/or more straightforward.

No matter the project size, we deliver each client a detailed proposal to include annotated designs with specifications (i.e., submittals) & pricing, which is yours to use as you see fit, even if that means shopping the competition. 


Execute Contract

Upon approval of submittals and pricing, a contract will be provided that can be executed digitally. Any modification(s) to project parameters at this point will trigger a Change Order that must be client approved prior to continuation of production on any impacted element. 


Engineer Shop Drawings 

Shop drawings are what we use to actually manufacture your casework and millwork. This highly detailed drawing set also informs the installer (in the event it is not us) how to perform their work to achieve the best possible results. These drawings will be distributed to all parties involved for one final approval prior to production.


Schedule Production, Delivery & Installation

At this point we should be able to confidently share our production schedule and preliminarily schedule delivery and installation. Our standard lead time from contract execution to delivery is 8-12 weeks. 


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Thank you for your interest in commissioning Mount Vernon Woodworks. Please check your email!

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